What I did today

Today I woke at 9. I did some yoga stretches, some meditation, and a bit of “dancing like nobody can see you” (only attempted because nobody could see me).

I took a walk down to the park and realized I forgot my tennis ball (oops!) So did some swinging instead. It was such a nice day!

Got home and worked on Chapter 19 of my book. Completed that and had to stop, even though I am ready,ready,ready for Chapter 20.

I need to wait because there is a gap in my memory on the feel of my main characters and I need to get printed copies of the whole book so I can tie up my loose ends and make everything a cohesive fit.

Sooo..I am on hold with it. I will complete Chapter 20 on Wednesday, but for the rest I need to wait until my next free money payday.

The Library is definitely in my future.

I cannot believe there are so few Chapters left.

After posting a Hamilton book group discussion, I grabbed some lunch and worked on my poetry.

Then, I’ll admit it, I totally fell asleep for like 3 hours. I’m such a goof.

Woke to dinner and YouTube.

Not a bad day. The walk felt delicious and I have had only sugar-free flavoured water to drink today (no coffee or caffeine) I feel physically very healthy.

Go me!

Hmmm…washing laundry and need a shower.

Must wait.

Later Fizzy Fellows!