Daily doings

I have  weird love of watching people open gifts. At birthday parties I am always awkwardly waiting to see the presents opened. At a wedding once they displayed the presents but didn’t open them. I was completely disappointed. At Christmas, I get yelled at for watching more than opening. I end up with a huge pile of unopened presents because I don’t want to miss, what for me, is the best part. (The second best part of any occasion is cake or pumpkin pie)

Obviously shopping for presents is also my favorite activity. I get a complete thrill finding the perfect gift for someone. I get obsessed if I see something that fits someone and there is no holiday in sight. Money isn’t a consideration if I have it to spend. The lure of the right present for that person it just too strong.

One Christmas, I ended up spending $60 instead if the allotted $10 because the person I was doing secret Santa for was naming their child “Jordan” after Michael Jordan, and the Build-a-Bear store had a Bulls Jersey for the bears to be put in, complete with basketball. Yup. That was a done deal.

I am finishing up box swap items for my friend Kazza and cannot express how much fun that was. I keep having to  restrain myself as the $$ limit was $50. (Just one more??? Please!) I will post the reveal of what I chose after she gets and opens them in March.

Why am I telling you all this? To explain why I am currently frustrated with myself over overdoing it on the Youtube box swap videos. Seriously! I need to get out if the house and stop watching videos. Must. Stop.