Drop box emergency

Holy hell!! Major panic moment!

My decrepit computer is no longer recognizing my Word Office 2013 (activation or whatever that  is called). It scared the heck out of me! The top of my documents show a failed activation warning in red, and this understandably wigged me out. Since my nephew installed the new Windows program onto my computer, I have no idea where my certificate for Word even is anymore. Seriously! My computer is old people! That code is from 2013, I have no idea where it is.

I immediately started saving my files to Dropbox. I should have been doing that all along but, you know, procrastination thy name is Bekki! Anyway, I was uber amazed at how much I have to save. My word files are like a hole I drop stuff into. I had no idea that hole had so much in it.

I haven’t even archived my poetry in a back-up. I really need to do that though.

Ok, calming down.

I’m going back in.

Please let there be no more weird messages.