Making Mice suffer, it’s an art

I am having the absolute best time making poor Hamilton suffer. Why is torturing a character so immensely satisfying?

Here is a sneak peek: (Ignore the mistakes I don’t edit while getting the stuff down as fast as I possibly can)

“Hamilton had tried Johnathan’s instructions many times since starting out. He had begun with “Whoa, Whoa…for goodness sake Whoa!!” and ended with words not fit for little mouse ears.

The grasshopper ignored him with a zest that had Hamilton wondering if he had somehow done something bad in a former life that he was being punished for. He had a suspicion that the grasshopper (named accurately enough, “Bounce”) was secretly laughing at him in a grasshopper-like manner.

His arms kept flapping as they bounced from place to place and Hamilton was starting to feel like a rather peculiar bird that was in a constant state of attempting to get itself off the ground.

He had, for a time, succumbed to screaming. He wasn’t proud of himself, but eventually he had run out of throat power and just settled into the occasional fervent prayer. Now he just hung on hoping that somehow, eventually, the grasshopper would tire for the night and put him out of his misery.”