Spring Cleaning

I admit it, it’s not massively interesting, but cleaning must be done, from time to time.

I cleaned my room and Boy! Did I find a lot of paper to toss. My weird habit of scribbling notes on everything is seriously present. Lol

Also scrubbed my floor rug with a very stiff floor brush. There was enough hair in there to make me a hair pet. Ewww!

Lastly, I washed my bedding. I have two sets, but the older one is getting a bit worn. I’m thinking I might invest in a new comforter for next Winter soon. I generally lean towards teal blankets and sheets, but I am craving a bold change. I’m wondering if I can find a red cherry blossom one somewhere.

Last thing I cleaned was myself and I feel pretty good. I even made myself a nice pitcher of iced tea.

Work at 9 tomorrow, but I have Tuesday off next week. The rest of Hamilton Chapter 20 and the beginning of Chapter 21 will be done then.

I am Super Super happy about my schedule next week, with the exception of Monday ( due to Price Changes) and Saturday (due to the bus schedule times) I work close. I love working close because I am the most giant night owl and night schedule means I can stay up and still get enough sleep.

I am terribly guilty of playing my Zombie Castaways compulsively. It all started with the realization that you don’t need internet connection to play it offline. OMG!!

I saved up my Zombucks and bought something kinda nutty. Promise not to laugh?


I just love how my Zombie looks like he’s questioning my sanity. Snicker.


I really need to get out of the house more. 😦 I miss nice weather. The moment it’s nicer out I’m taking my camera (nicknamed Snappy) out for some fun Erie Art Museum style!

Plus I’m looking forward to planning a bowling evening for myself. (Nerdy but very cool)