1000 challenges

There is freedom in being goofy. Letting yourself be completely and utterly dorky. There is something to be respected there. Something brave.

As I get older, I realize, it’s the sensible, respectable moments I regret. Why not act like a loon. Why not be wildly weird? Why not just do something scary and nervous and. and. and..brave.

Yup..brave. It takes something sacrifice to be brave. It is terribly scary, but it has this amazing thing inside it when you do it…respect. Even a failure is respected for trying.

“People will laugh”. “Everyone will see”. “They won’t understand”. These are the sentences that have stopped me in the past.

The truth is…I’m tired of worrying about what others will think. I’m just really, really ready to be brave and happy..and me. Just finally me.

I don’t care if anyone else gets it. I just want to finally enjoy everything. No more fear of being seen. No more.

Let me be brave. I wanna start.

Help me start. Give me a challenge.

I’m ready.

1000 challenges.

Challenge #1 starts tomorrow. I have to think up 1000 challenges that are truly scary and brave. I have to push my own envelop and only I know when IT truly is scary enough to count.

So, challenge #1 is to write 1000 challenges and stick to it.

Please make suggestions.


2 thoughts on “1000 challenges

  1. Give them something to remember you by. I am constantly driving my daughters to cringe when in, let’s say Target in the tech area and there’s music playing-I like to start to move to the music and start dancing-Just for kicks

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