A brighter way to walk

Just when I become concerned I might be getting too comfortable or still on my path, something happens to reassure me that I am not standing still, I am readying myself for the next thing.

I cry too often. I am aware of this habit of being touched and a bit weepy. I am a disgrace to Capricorn. I wouldn’t change it though. I have opened myself up and let myself be very vulnerable. It’s an overwhelming thing being open emotionally.

Don’t mistake me, it’s not all peace, love, and sunshine. Cause, being open means dealing with the triggers and shadows that make you want to close up again. The hard stuff happens every single day. I just also get moments where it’s all worth it. This healing feels really really good. So.. the universe reassures me and I cry..I cry a lot.

Grateful is my heart.

I will keep trying.