My two cents

I don’t understand why suddenly the word “Religion” translates to the word “Intolerance”.

Religion is supposed to set you free, not bind you up.

It’s supposed to teach you to love everyone, not just those that share your same views.

It’s supposed to make you feel strongly the power of sacrifice, not give you the power to sacrifice others.

If this is organized religion, I want no part in it.

I’m a Taoist because it is about something that cannot be defined, and shouldn’t be. To define a religion, is to lose the meaning of it.


2 thoughts on “My two cents

  1. Religion to me connotes man’s interpretation of scripture. The obstacles are the words and what they mean to you. The personal relationship to the source, whatever you choose to call it, is unique and your own. The ultimate knowledge of God is that God is unknowable. Incomprehensible to the human mind, beyond all concepts and ideas concocted by natural man.

    1. Exactly. Thank you!

      It’s hard to listen to people quoting the bible, the bible was interpreted by men, therefore it has been molded to fit the beliefs of the time, not necessarily translated correctly. If God said something drastically different to what you wanted to believe he said, you’d change the wording so it made sense to you, that is human nature.

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