Kundalini support

Soo..Something happened.

I don’t talk much about my Kundalini awakening with others. It is intensely personal and there are better explanations out there than what I can offer. For that you can just go here.

Ok, so yeah, that’s what it is. It’s freaky and scary for the person experiencing it. It is also amazing, beautiful and moving. It makes you more and less than you ever realized.

Recently I encountered a friend on FB who I have known for years and never really conversed with beyond your normal shared hobbies and whatnot. She asked me about a comment I made regarding Kundalini. It surprised me because my spirit guides have been indicating I need to talk to others who are on this path. Indicating, rather strongly, that I cannot continue on alone anymore. They indicated I would discover someone who will lead me along my path.

I never would have guessed it would actually happen so easily and quickly as it did.

So, I have someone who understands me and the struggles I am encountering dealing with my shadow work. Wow.

This is good given the fact that I am also getting the impression I’m supposed to help others myself. I figure a support system might be a good thing to have. Every good teacher has a team of people helping her along the way.

Am I really doing this?

I guess I am.