What the F wordpress?

Trying to post to WordPress, as usual, on my Kindle tablet and WordPress has lost its tiny mind.

I don’t know what they are doing but it’s mucking my posting up. Basically it’s inserting the post edit selections in place of the typing field which, I kinda need to actually write anything. I finally corrected it by making my view landscape so I could close the little selection box. Fiddly.

Now that I’ve got that sorted I might actually be able to write my original post.

Oy!! (No spellchecker that IS a real word used by Jewish people the world over and adopted by me who is related by marriage (don’t freak I meant–my fathers marriage–)



3 thoughts on “What the F wordpress?

      1. lol last night I accidentally posted- ! By
        Not sure how, I was just walking 🚶 out to my car and looked at my phone 📱 and there it was published

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