She didn’t like to admit it, but he set her on fire. Every look from him made her feel like plunging her face into the nearest water, any water, just to get some relief.

At her age these things should not be occurring. She’d had babies, BABIES dammit! She wasn’t a prude but sex was something she just didn’t discuss openly with others, it had always felt like something private and personal.

She’d had a perfectly nice sex-life, thank you so much., but this wasn’t in the same ballpark with the feelings she associated with love. This was heat and need and she didn’t F-ing want it!

At least she didn’t like to admit she did. This kind of need was reserved for long nights alone in your bedroom. A little bit of fantasy to hold the loneliness at bay. She missed her husband.

He had died just after their second child was born. These days it was all she could do just to hold everything together. Rush, rush, rush all the day through. Rush to get the kids up and dressed for school. Rush to get herself to work and into the office ready to take calls. Rush home to greet her kids from after-school care. Rush to get dinner, school-work, baths. Rush! Rush! Rush!

For Melody, taking a long bubble bath at the end of the day was about as much as she ever got in the area of just relaxing and NOT rushing. In fact, it was a rule. One she had pasted to the bathroom mirror.”Relax in the bath!” She bought bath bombs, candles, and every soft towel she could find. The time in her bath was her only place to be selfish. It was all she needed right?

So why, why was he making her flush like such a dorky teenager every time he looked at her? Aggh!! This was insane! She wanted to tell “Mister beautiful smile” to go smile at someone else. Sorry dude! You got the wrong number”

Except, she’d miss him. She would miss the way he paused in his deliveries just to smile at her. He never said ANYTHING. Just a smile and he was gone. Why couldn’t she just take it as a greeting. It wasn’t as if he stayed long. He delivered her interoffice mail and then left. The weirdness was only on her side. The weirdness being the heat that filled her veins and unsettled her hands for an hour afterwards. An HOUR! For the love of Joshua! She needed to take a chill pill.

Why did having an elf smile at her have to make her act this way? He was an elf. A hot, lickable 7′ monstrosity of sexiness, but still an elf. They weren’t even human.

Melody decided to just stop thinking about it and get back to work.


















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