It’s incredible when someone is touched enough, by something you wrote, to repost it years later. I think I got my first review!!

“Wise words indeed. Written back in 2013 by a beautiful soul that I am privileged to call a friend. The one and only Bekstar….. Bekki Bedow. (It came through as a memory, Bekki. I had to share again.) 🙂 <3”

“Growing up I was really confused. People told me that because someone’s skin was a different color I was supposed to think them different from me. I did some reading and learned that skin color is a product of environment, where you live, how much sun shines and how much doesn’t. The body produces color to protect from harsh sun. If this is true I suppose I am supposed to hate Giraffe’s because they have a black tongue to protect them from the sun while they eat. Sound stupid? So did telling me to treat people differently for the same reason.

I was told that someone who fell in love and found a connection with another male or female of the same sex was an abomination. It makes me mad. There are so many people hurting others in this world. Men raping and beating woman and children. Children starving. Hate crimes and killing sprees. People say that hate is killing people and yet they think it is perfectly ok to say that being against gay marriage is not hate.

Seems to me that the only answer that makes sense is love. If you remove all hate from your soul there is no room to cause others pain. If you get to a true place of love, you realize that all love is acceptable. There is only one way to love people…and that is to love them all the way through. You cannot partition love. This person gets it but this person doesn’t. This kind of love is ok..but this kind isn’t. You don’t get to decide. If you choose to be a loving person you are required to love completely. If you are not doing that, then you are creating hate.

There is no middle. Choose.”