Freaking people out at work

I should probably not admit this, but, being an intuitive, is sometimes extremely funny. Like when you do a reading for a co-worker that completely flips their lid on what they understand about the universe.

Little known secret: I don’t actually need cards to read people (that’s a psychic reading, I’m an intuitive) but people are less freaked out when they have cards in front of them.

They feel (for some unexplained reason) more comfortable with the concept of a tarot reading, than with the concept of what I really am, which is an intuitive reader who reads their physical presence and unconscious vibrations more than the actual cards.

There is also the fact that I am totally new to my intuitive working and still need help navigating. The cards help me focus and understand what I am getting from people.

I enjoy helping people by reading their cards. I did readings for several of the people at work yesterday and, honestly, I think they are all a teensy bit in shock now. (Never doubt the intuitive!)

I love this stuff. Why?

Because an open mind is much nicer than a closed one.

People who see amazing things, they can’t explain, are much more open to hearing messages about balance, love, and equality. They develop awareness outside themselves and that, in my humble opinion, is a very good start to loving people (themselves included) on a more receptive level.

That, and if the news isn’t good, at the very least, the reading helps them catch those issues and concerns before they happen. A little warning about the waters they are navigating can’t hurt.

It’s interesting. For most readings people simply need reassurance that the thing they want is something they can actively achieve. They don’t really need me at all, but having you say it when they didn’t tell you their secret wish, is like validation of the dream.

The rest is just getting out of your own way and achieving balance and patience. We have such an endless drive to get there, but often want to get there before we are actually ready. ( too.)

I have slowly grown less fearful of expressing my intuition. In the past I was terrified to share what I get from people because of past criticism and hurtful comments. I’m around more open people these days and the support from my created family is magical. I am growing into myself and it’s, quite honestly, the happiest feeling ever.

I don’t intuit for money. Light work is something I do to support and foster growth in people. That’s worth more to me than cash.