Chapter 21 & 22

I just finished Chapter 21. I will be completing Chapter 22 this evening. It’s amazing how hard it is to do the last 5 Chapters of a book. Almost silly in a way, but I now understand why it can be like that. There is so much I need to tie in and explain. Makes my brain hurt trying to make it all flow naturally to a conclusion. What to say and what to show. Ahhh!

There is also the whole aspect of the story in my head being much too big for the story in actual. If my brain would have its way there would be so much more happening. The imagination has no limits, but the human mind cannot truly take too much information at one time. If my readers are to enjoy the book, I have to take pains not to confuse them, after all, they don’t live in my head. Poor sots, they only get a tiny peek into the strange vault that is my brain. This is probably a very good thing.

3 more Chapters. It’s taken me forever, but’s happening just as it was meant to.