Chapter 22

I just completed Chapter 22. I cannot believe how excited I am about this! 2 Chapters left to go. I am so pumped! I am going to do the last 2 Chapters on Sunday. I am soo ready! I feel like jumping up and down. Even knowing I have a ton of revisions to do, I am super excited. I have worked on this book (on and off) for 6 years and it’s about to be completed.

It’s not even the main genre I want to focus on, but it sure is a worthy piece for my very first book.

I will never forget that this mouse, named Hamilton, gave me the confidence to be a writer.

I solemnly swear that future projects won’t take this long to write. It started out as a side hobby, once I decided it was important to me, the work went much much faster.

Now I’m going to play some well-deserved Zombie Castaways.