Chapter 23

I’ve completed Chapter 23! I have one Chapter left before my book is completely done. There will, of course, be revisions, but the book will have been completed. Completed! I cannot believe it! I am so extremely excited!

Let’s be honest, the last Chapter is always the best Chapter. It’s where you get to tie up loose ends and make all sorts of cool reveals.

I plan to have Jonathan reveal all the updates on the characters, in a sort of, reporting to Hamilton. There is soo much to put in that final scene.

What happened to Thomas Foxley, did he die?
What about the library, where Hamilton left Felly in charge?
What happens with Miss Templeton now that the adventure is over?
Will Jonathan tell Hamilton about the secrets regarding his father’s past?
What happens when Braxley sees his family again?
What happened when Jonathan went to the place listed on the map from the book?
Is Miss Dorton safe? Did Jonathan get her as he promised?

Yup. That last Chapter is the best!