April 19th, 2017 Daily Log

Glasses of water drunk: 8oz. Vvb

Sodas drunk: soooo many. Need intervention. vvb

*Hours slept: 8.5 vvvg

* Curse words uttered: 5  50/50 g & b

* Books read for the day: Demon DOGS BY Al K. Line ( Completed) & Elementals: The Blood of the Hydra by Michelle Madow 47% Completed

* Weirdest thought of the day: I am speaking English right? (Asked a guest if she needed help, got a dead fish stare for 15 seconds in response)

* Feeling: Curious/ Emotional/Thinking

* Daily Goals ( Total Win or Total Fail)

Goal #1: Don’t spend money. Fail. (Kate insisted on taking me home due to extreme rain. She didn’t like the idea of me waiting for the bus in the rain) Paid for Taco Bell as a Thank you.

Goal #2: Edit old writing:  Fail (Complete fail due to late lunch, no time for 15 min break later..Bleech)

* Weather outside: Raining like God is using a bucket.

*Chatted with: Kate & Becky

*Today I:

Opened Commodities from truck, Helped way too many people to be believed.

Read these Web Toons: Winter Woods, Rise from Ashes, Yumi’s Cells, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Night Child & Super Secret.

YouTube: PSToyreview and Markiplier.

Messenger chat with: Becky.

2nd day of Love My Selfie Project

Contemplated buying a bullet journal realized I already have one (it’s called a blog)

–Emoji of the day: