The “Love my selfie” challenge

It has been noted that many mom’s avoid photographs because of a perception of not being pretty. This fact is due to societies perception of beauty affecting self-esteem. The sad result is a lot of photographs of family and children over the years, but very few of the mom herself.

How awful to grow up and never have a photograph of your mom either with you together, or even just alone (when Z comes to visit for the Summer I will do the challenge again with her in the photos).

I decided to join the Love-my-selfie challenge.

Every day, for a month, I will take a photo of myself on my Kindle (not the best quality but that’s ok) it will not be a “staged” photo. Real me, real photo.

Because I want to know what I looked like at 40, 50, 60 and beyond! I also don’t want Z to ever forget what her mom looked like.

I like me, just as I am!

This is day 4 of the challenge. I usually post the photographs to my Facebook wall, but here’s the 1st day photo, just for you!