April 22, 2017 Daily Log

(Missed yesterday’s due to horrible inner ear infection that caused extreme dizziness) I really should stop taking days off. Sigh**

* Glasses of water drunk: 4 (equal amounts of soda also drunk..but I felt sick as a dog soo totally forgiven-ish)

*Hours slept: 2.5 (slept intermittently all day long the day before)

* Curse words uttered: Aloud? 3 In my head? (223444332223456788975) Formula Plano is the culprit.

* Book read for the day: Skipped reading because sleepy.

* Weirdest thought of the day: Please God don’t let anyone see me wedged under this shelf trying to get product out at the weirdest angle possible in nature.

* Feeling: Knackered beyond belief. Lifting formula boxes all day totally kicks your ass!!

* Daily Goals ( Total Win or Total Fail)

Win: Stayed awake. My only goal for the day.

* Weather outside: Cold and annoying.

*Chatted with: 2-5 people on the bus. Apparently started a domino effect by talking about my daughter. Who knew kids were the guaranteed convo starter?

*Today I: Refreshed the formula Plano. Stayed awake. Received completely awesome copy of Favorite Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow from friend/ choice-created brother Bry. This rocks! Welcomed sweet, sweet sleep.

Daily Emoji: