Daily Log: April 26, 2017

* Glasses of water drunk: 6 vvg

*Hours slept: 2 vvb

* Curse words uttered: 400 (all at the computer)

* Book read for the day: Rise of Magic Series Book 1, Completed. Rise of Magic Series Book 2 50%

* Weirdest thought of the day: ” I want a dragon too”

* Feeling: Annoyingly chipper

* Daily Goals ( Total Win or Total Fail)

Win: Got all my tasks completed

Fail: Lifted a travel system, tore the muscle in my back. Yay, idiot.

* Weather outside: The weather currently cannot make up its mind.

*Chatted with: Kazza and Becky.

*Today I: Watched way, way, waaaaay too many clips from the Troll movie. Now I HAVE to see it. Must also dance to Justin Timberlake song privately in my room. Booya! (Obviously will wait until back is better)

Daily emoji:


Someone’s eyes are stuck to her forehead due to, too much coffee.