Collector of collections

I keep myself in very careful check. It has to be this way because I literally love art of every conceivable style. I don’t have rigid standards when it comes to what is art and what isn’t. If someone made it, and its got something clever about it, I’m totally a fan.

This could lead to problems.

See, I am a person who likes things to have a proper spot where it lives. It doesn’t have to live there all the time, but I like it to have a home of sorts. Mostly because clutter can only stay around me if it belongs somewhere. I know, I know, I’m kinda all in my head here.

Since I love art of every conceivable style my list of found awesome is long. Really long.

Like, reeeaaally long.

My dislike of clutter is generally (often) at war with my love of whimsy and art.

So far my inner me, if given the go-ahead, would own the following in extreme abundance:


Wall art (all sorts)

Pillows (art pillows and embroidered pillows)

T-shirts (artist made)

Pottery (vases, dishes, pitchers and bowls)


Kokeshi dolls (wooden)

Momiji dolls (smallest)

Miniatures (especially miniature food, don’t ask)

Vinyl figures (Mini)

Artist dolls (plush dolls, bears and bunnies)




Art glass

Art Nouveau

Art Deco

Stained glass

Sea glass



Blown glass (vases, Art pieces)


Door knobs (used to hold back drapes, on doors, and as wall hooks)

and tins

I would very seriously overdo it in a millisecond… there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Some of the things on the list I don’t really own yet. Which is good (my room at my sister’s is tiny).

So far I have:

A huge rock collection. It consists of an entertainment center on its side, covered with a cloth, decorated with candles and generously sprinkled with at least 50 rocks from all over the world. It also have a statue of Naga Kanya, a Robin (named Williams) a screen printed wood block, and a resin encased Dandelion in full bloom. It’s my meditation nook and I love it.

I have a folding bookcase that holds books I’ve received over the years, my Mini Vinyl Disney figure collection (I have 10) and on top of my dresser sits 5 plushes. 2 Bears (Theo and Kai), a Bumble-bee (Bekki Bee), a sock monkey (Socket)  and a mini crocheted Octopus (gift) (Emperor Zerg)

Not too terrible right?

The problem is that given my way (and an increased pocketbook) I’d totally lose my mind, if I let myself. So, I’m working on rules for the future me I plan to be.


#1: Everything has to have a place it belongs. 

#2 Small spaces, little footprint. If I have to dust it, it better be easy to move.

#3 No more collection than a single space can hold (book shelf, wall or bed)

#4 Things that seem less artistic art and more nostalgic toy art remains in my private space, not in my living room. (My study will be AWESOME!!)

#5 Comfort conditions.  Each collection gets a designated area. Textural and comfortable living area. Bold and Sassy kitchen. Nature inspired and soothing bedroom. Study will be nostalgic.

There. I feel better now. I wonder if the dream in my head will ever become a real place.