Daily Log: April 30, 2017

* Glasses of water drunk: Does Iced coffee count? I have been drinking them all day long.

This always happens when I write.

*Hours slept: 10 glorious hours. Had an interesting dream as well.

* Curse words uttered: Maybe 1. Too happy today for cursing.

* Book read for the day: Finished book 3 of the Rise of Magic series. Rebellion by CM Raymond, LE Barbant, and Michael Anderle. I am waiting impatiently for book 4 now. Still waiting on 6% for The Elementals book 3 The Head of Medusa by Michelle Madow. Got caught up in the Rise of Magic series.

Books on deck soon:

H.L Burke- Nyssa Glass series (Steampunk) book 2.

H.Y Hanna-Cocoa Magic series Book 3 (which isn’t out yet)

* Weirdest thought of the day: “Why do I hate Bella Swann soo much. She’s not even a real person.”

* Feeling: Curious and at peace.

* Daily Goals ( Total Win or Total Fail)

Win: Completed my book and am taking a mini break from it. (One week off and then straight into editing) 

Fail: I need more impulse control. I caved and bought the Disney Mini Figure “Pain” even though he was more expensive because he was out of the box. ( $9 instead of the normal $7 for blind bag) Sigh** I know what you’re thinking, but I have a very limited budget and a box swap to pay shipping for very soon. (Australia’s shipping charges are insane!!)

* Weather outside: Meh. Overcast with rain.

*Chatted with: Nobody. It’s a total me relax day.

*Today I:

Watched Unlisted Leaf on YouTube (Why am I watching this?) Z will be impressed by my Pokemon trading card knowledge right? I really am weird. The things I do to connect with my 16 year old.

Played Zombie Castaways: Dime Island (limited time) Island. Texas Railroad theme. Kinda neat. Love the cacti plants.

Working on poetry archives and handwritten poetry notebook. (Majority of the day spent on this)

Dinner: Steak, rice and corn. I must have really needed red meat because I ate 2 pieces like a rabid Wolf (Wolf…get it? Hahaha)

Snuck a rock from the Giant Eagle parking lot. I couldn’t help it, the rock was pretty.

Getting Nostalgic over Wall-E clips. I think of Dad every single time. (My Dad’s name was Wally) I love the character quite a lot.