The SHK comes for dinner dream

That was interesting. The dream started with people asking if SHK was at my house, because they heard he was, I wasn’t too sure about their sources because I certainly hadn’t heard that, and I lived there.

Then, suddenly he was there. He was sitting on my couch. Um…..ok. Well, Hi!

Funny, I had a house full of kids. I wasn’t even slightly upset about it either. More worried about how to feed them all, as apparently my frig was completely empty of all but Kielbasa.

Why Kielbasa I will never know. It was also frozen solid. I suggested it for dinner later on in a clear bid to get him to stay longer (sneaky woman) and suggested we go grocery shopping.

My dad comes walking in and causally mentions my purse (and credit cards) fell in the garbage again. Reality Note: I don’t actually use credit cards (just one very tired debit card). I sighed like this wasn’t a strange (or new) occurrence in dream. Sooo a klutz even in dream? (Duly noted)

I was truly happy my dad was in my dream. In the dream he had just started a new job. Having him there was lovely. I miss him soo much. He was exactly as I remember.

It was noisy, and chaotic and completely wonderful. It felt like a family.

I was surprised (in my dream) by how at ease I was with SHK. I kept having to remind myself that he was a guest and not a family member.

Also, where did all those kids come from? All boys, all noisy. I loved it to bits!

Boys apparently eat a lot though. My fridge in the dream was completely destroyed by pillaging. Why does that make me so happy? Why was complete mayhem so beautiful? It was though, it was home. I was happy there.

Why did I have to go and wake up? Darn it.