Daily log: May 1, 2017

* Glasses of water drunk: 8

*Hours slept: 3

* Curse words uttered: 15

* Book read for the day: Didn’t read. Dime Island addiction

* Weirdest thought of the day: “I just spend 8 hours going back and forth to work.. for realz”

* Feeling: Bang. Bang. Bang. (Head/wall)

* Daily Goals ( Total Win or Total Fail)

Total Fail: Misread calender, showed up to work 5 hours before my shift. (15 curse words all said on the bus ride home. Spent 2 hours on the return bus and 2 hours at home, only to turn around and go back for my correct shift and then go home the 2 hours it takes to get back at end of closing shift) Total time on/or waiting  for bus today: 7 hours. (I am an Idiot)

* Weather outside: Flooding rain.

*Chatted with: Everyone including the bus driver. (I really do talk to much on the bus sometimes)

*Today I: Got 2 hours of sleep, got up at 6 am to catch the bus at 7:00 am because I work at 9 am….(bus ride 1.5 hrs) only Surprise!! I don’t. I work at 2 pm-close. Sigh**** Took bus home (1.5 hrs) watched Youtube videos for 2 hours. Took bus back to work (2 hrs), worked my 8 hrs shift. Caught the buses home (2 hrs trip) woke up  next day at 6 am for opening shift. YAY. NOT.