This is why YouTube should come with tissues

Jimmy Kimmel stood on stage and talked about the birth of his son, and the emotional impact of learning his baby has a heart disease. I can only imagine the fear and sadness of those 3 hours of open heart surgery.

I’m glad I wasn’t in the audience, because I couldn’t have stayed seated with the man in tears like he was. I would have tried to comfort him like an uber dork. I have a firm “Nobody cries alone” policy…which I proved by crying all over the video of his monologue.

I know he has people, probably lots of people..but I would have still wanted him to know he has hearts that care along with him.

He was embarrassed by crying, but there wasn’t a single thing wrong with it. It’s proof we have empathy. Empathy is always a blessing.

He showed a photo of his son.  Adorable.