I was not expecting that!

Apparently Luigi’s Italian Ice noticed my blog post on Twitter! (I hadn’t even thought about the fact that my posts go there. It’s kinda one of those things that happens so automatically you forget about it after a time)

I got a giggle this morning because they liked my comment and re-tweeted it (that was cool). Then, they totally surprised me with a message telling me they want to send me a free box for mentioning them. A free box, of yummy yummy deliciousness.

Wait. Free Luigi’s Ice? The guys that made the lemonade ice I devour regularly? Those guys?

I am soo totally on board dude!!

OMG..sign me up!

I’m totally trying a new flavor (I’ve tried lemonade and mango….both total winners!)

I’ll blog when I get the coupon and buy them. This is gonna be totally fun.