Editing for Hamilton

Let’s be honest, editing for the first 3 Chapters was dead easy today, mostly because they are the Chapters I read and re-read the most while writing the book. I still consider the first Chapter my favorite though, every chapter seems to have something I like about it, comes with falling in love with your own work, I think.

As for the ideas for the Ubiquitous Tome. I have been seriously considering writing something of a multi-world theme with each member of the story living in a completely different world and connected by these incredible tomes. The fun of creating each world cannot be contained in one Bekki. Imagine the bounciest ball you can and add extra sugar and you have my strange hyperactive passion over the merest idea of it.

The other thought I am considering incorporating in, is the concept of twin-tree souls, which I mentioned in the Juniper/Junie post. I think my trees will most definitely have to be similar to the Wizard of Oz trees. Completely able to move and speak to others, obviously this would be in a world similar to Earth but more magical in nature. I also need to think on my main characters and come up with names for them.

As for the vinyl research, I have already read up on several articles and posts online that feature them. I am no expert so I need to write from the standpoint of a total noob who is learning about it from the bottom. Could be fun to share what I am learning from the very beginning and see how far it takes me.

So, that’s me so far today.