Ok, so my life is a bit in flux, ATM. They keep laying people off at my work location. I am very nervous about it, but also strangely accepting. It is, what it is. I figure, eventually, they are going to decide that signage can be done by anyone and delete that position.

If they do I lose my full time status. I can’t pay bills on part-time (not to mention my commute to work is already 4 hrs round trip) so, would definitely have to find a new work solution. I wish my writing paid my bills but, I’m a complete noob to the writing world and wouldn’t have a clue where to start earning actual paychecks.

I am more upset by the idea that this might mean no Z for the Summer. That shit cleaved my heart in half with worry. The most time I’ve had Z with me at one time over the last 9 years has been 2 weeks. I can’t even…:(

Kazza is sending out my Aussie package, so I need to get my side of the swap mailed. Did I mention the cost of mailing stuff to AU is freaking insane? Kazza is worth it though. Besties forever yo!

I spotted the coolest vinyl piece while researching. A hipster Mickey Mouse vinyl…I LOVED it on sight, so I looked up the cost….$1600, WHAT??? Yeah, umm…way past my price range and if I’m honest, I’m too F-ing cheap for that. Lol

I max out my item spending at $100 on a good day and that’s generally only on my birthday. (The only exception being trips to the UK. We won’t go into how much saving that takes for a minimum wage earner Mmmhhhkay?!)

My sister is taking me out to a movie this week (forgot what day….whoops..I think Sat. If it’s tomorrow I am gonna be really sleepy during the movie due to my night owl tendencies) Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I pushed for John Wick (cause my lame arse is always late doing anything). but, her money her choice. I teased her and told her I’m not putting out after the movie. (Maybe if she’d let me see John Wick….snicker)

So, yeah…me.