What I’m up to now

Ok, so with my first book finally completed, its definitely come down to serious editing now. I will really be focusing on that in the next three weeks, as well as, playing with ideas for The Ubiquitous Tome storyline, which is my next ambitious project.

The editing is quickly becoming my favorite part about writing a book. I just love reading over bits and pieces and making them smoother and less cluttered in structure.

Since I’m a poet, I have a real love of the melody aspect of rhythm. The reading of the story out loud should be just as much fun as the story itself.

I am also really focused on making the passages fun to read. I like to make the words somewhat like a painting, sparking thoughts and imagery as you go along and leading you to the same feeling of balance and meter you get from a well written poem. I think that balance and bounce in writing is what makes stories so fun to read over and over again.

This aspect of my writing is probably why the passage in chapter one where Hamilton is described as seeing birds and has this hilarious inner dialog is so precious to me.

Anyway, that’s going on.

The  Ubiquitous Tome storyboarding is, let’s be honest, exceptionally exciting. Limitless possibilities that sprout from your head as you begin something that could become something else. So..much. fun.

I am also adding in a few incentives to keep me going. Since I enjoy creative ways to give myself a break from my writing, once in a while, (writing and research are part off the fun stuff for me but, I can sometimes push myself too hard to get stuff done quickly and end up with writers block) I have decided to indulge myself and learn about the hottest contemporary adult vinyl figure design artists and their creative work, when I complete each of my weekly goals.

The world of vinyl figures has been a growing industry for years now and I think it’s going to evolve even more over the next 5 years into a major art movement.

I truly think people are becoming much more personalized in their creative expression and part of that, is challenging and expanding the accepted concept of what is considered serious art.

Collectors and artists have begun displaying and conveying their creativity in thought provoking, inspirational, and often uniquely individualistic ways. No two collections are the same!

Each piece becomes an expression of who they are, what they enjoy, and their memories and feelings. I think the ability to choose pieces that express aspects of who they are is part of why vinyls are so popular.

Vinyl is versatile, very affordable, and tactile. Letting a person really get close to their art. I cannot wait to learn more about this fascinating topic!

I know giving myself more homework sounds counter-productive to the word ‘relax’ but honestly, learning is my greatest pleasure in life. Indulgence in researching a topic that excites me is a serious pleasure and a fitting reward for my hard work.

My goal each week (day off) is 5 Chapters edited and made all pretty and shiny. If I accomplish that I will post an article, on my blog, on an artist I am learning about. I only get to post if I succeed in my set goal. (Huff)

Look for it on Sundays for the next 4 weeks. If it gets interest I might make it a regularly featured spot (I said that like people actually read my blog…lol).

So, yeah, that’s what I’m up to…

Ps. I’m soo I excited about the research on vinyls, that my co-workers can’t seem to shut me up about it. You poor poor sots! Me with a prospective new learning experience is slightly terrifying for the uninitiated to witness. (Heh heh) They’ll learn soon enough.

This is going to be fun.