Irritation is my friend

I, like many people, really hate being irritated. I try to contain these inconsiderate impulses that the irritations cause. These unkind inward thoughts, knowing, quite well, that they are not “right” thoughts. They generally build up, bubble and bubble, until something (or someone) finally pushes me too far, and I snap, like a damned twig, and let all my feelings out in one go.

The thing that most gets me, in this new understanding I have of the universe along my enlightenment path, is that irritation is actually helping me.

What? Helping me? Yes. Helping.

Irritation is my friend. It alerts me to the shadows I still haven’t conquered. Unhappiness I haven’t faced. Baggage I haven’t handled. Oh, the checked bags of my life!

Irritation is like pain. It doesn’t mean to be hard on us, it’s meant to alert you to something that’s going on that needs our attention.

Like  an oyster with a grain of sand, we get irritated and irritated, over and over again, but if we truly soothe ourselves, truly accept this central warning system as the friend it is, we become powerful in our quest for serenity.

We find the reward of our constant attention to the problem in our future ability to feel the irritation less and less because we acknowledged the problem, soothed our issues..not once, but many times.

Oysters don’t ignore the sand, they create something to reduce the irritation..and a curious thing happens…a beautiful pearl develops within them.

We call that pearl serenity.