I solemnly swear,

I’d be up to no good, if I hadn’t done everything on my list already. (True story)


Dear self, you do realize that drinking coffee at 12 at night is the reason you are awake right now right? Um….

(Sings along with radio)

“I’m like a bee and I’m hunting for the honey” ..wait, don’t bees make the honey? Um…I think you might mean I’m hunting for the flower…only that sounds really….oh, wait… maybe I’m hunting for the flower boy. No, wait..I’m 43.  Too old for flower boys. I’m B and I’m hunting for the Oppa. (Soo, this is why I’m not a songwriter)

I might have a slight, teeny, tiny, mango addiction. (Looks in mirror to see if she’s starting to turn Orange like an oompa loompa.

Dear, self: This post is why your friends call you lovable, but dorky.


I should probably go to bed now.