Ok, that happened

Ok, I’ve had the flu before…whatever that was, it wasn’t just a normal flu. There is no comparison. This was, clenching in your gut soo bad you cry for hours. It alternated between sharp pointy pain and rolling burning pain, but every one was excruciating.

This was, losing so much nutrients I could barely stand. I slept whenever I wasn’t in a bout of pain (twice every hour in waves of 6 minutes each) and couldn’t even bear the mere idea of food. This was new baby-bird-weak-and-helpless, bad! I had a temperature so high I was hallucinating. I couldn’t get cool even with my fan on high, and spent the next 4 days alternating between sleeping, bathroom, and begging the fates to stop the pain.

I couldn’t call in two days in a row without a doctor slip (dude, my income is so low beggars pity me) so I was forced to work on Monday. My sister had to take me in because it was a bus holiday and thank goodness she did, if I’d taken the bus I’d never have made it. The store was not busy and they kept me seated as much as possible. I stayed well away from anyone closer than 2 feet. Mostly, I just felt incredibly miserable and wondered how I wasn’t passing out yet. Seriously wondered, because I felt like I was walking at an angle. Which, was mildly hilarious. Thank goodness I had Tuesday off the next day. I was so not work ready and Monday proved it.

I lost 4 lbs because my appetite was completely non-existent.

I have never been wiped out by anything that way. I was so dizzy, if I did stand, and I broke out in cold sweats quite a bit.

Thank the heavens it’s over! It took 5 days but I’m soo happy I’m no longer in pain.

Peppermint tea is my current besties drink and I will never want to see another glass of Ginger Ale in my lifetime. Bananas I will always love, but he needs to go away for a few months because I can’t stand the sight of him at the moment.

Finally ate some pasta this evening. I didn’t go crazy, just pasta and sauce.

My ever present unsinkable optimism is back, so I know I’m really better now.

Tomorrow’s goal: Ice cream