Welcome to the Geekery- Geek Girl Chronicles vol 1-June 4, 2017

Ok, so as an active geek girl I have a lot going on. I love K drama, books, animation, gaming, YouTube, Web toons, music and poetry and lots of other stuff. I call it “The Geekery” because it helps say all that I like without taking 200 years to explain all of the areas I am actively involved within (there are a lot!)

I decided to keep a bi-weekly chronicle of the stuff I get up to. It’s surprisingly a lot. No, I mean A LOT. I think I now know where all my time goes. When I’m not writing or creating, I’m totally buried in fandom…(huge grin of satisfaction). I am also extremely social via messenger. I wonder when I sleep actually.

So, without further ado, here’s the first Chronicle of Geek Girl

Ok, first up. Sims Freeplay. I have taken a break from the game here, in week 2, because I truly dislike the aspect of having to progressively keep adding new Sims in order to progress in the game. I like developing 1 Sim at a time and that isn’t possible the way they have it configured. Before I left though, something really weird happened. I took my Sim fishing and while she was there, there was a sudden huge splash, seen in photo 1. A huge fish leapt into the air and ate my Sim.

You heard me right! The damn fish gulped down my Sim. I was shocked and a bit nervous, though, it truly was all sorts of awesome. I was not a bit amused at the time. Mostly, because I didn’t know if my damn Sim was going to be back. Eventually she reappears on the pier but the time span was way too long for panicking me to handle. Considering I named the Sim- “Bexley Benton”, I was understandably emotionally invested in that character.

Next up: Zombie Castaway’s

Zombie Castaways has come out with their Summer update, and some people are not happy with the Summer offerings. Myself, I never buy the game pack offers anyway, too expensive. I do like the idea of a new adventure, but if I am honest I am losing my enthusiasm as each adventure takes too much of a commitment to complete in the time allotted. I know that the idea is to get people to part with their cash in these games, but when they make it next to impossible to complete the thing without resorting to money, I get a little annoyed. I spend my money when I have it to spend and pressuring me when I don’t have it, puts me off the game. That being said, I am looking forward to at least seeing what the Summer brings. I love the load screen art. The Marilyn Monroe hat is a super cool touch.

Next: Summer Tattoos

I don’t know why, but when Summer comes around people start looking at tattoos on Pinterest. They show up on my feed and I get really intrigued by what people are considering. I saw these three and I was really impressed. They are gorgeous. The breast one really makes me consider getting one, because it strikes me as very feminine and personal. As usual the prospect of having a person stick needles in me makes me pause significantly on that very threshold, not to mention that one would be extremely close to the rib-cage which, I am told, is the most painful kind of tat to get. Still, if I ever got a tat Cherry Blossoms would be my top pick, with delicate purple flowers a quick second choice. I love the use of geometric lines alongside the softness of the flower petals.

Currently reading: Agent of Enchantment (Dark Fae FBI series) by C.N.Crawford & Alex Rivers.


I am at 27% read and still have not decided if I like the main character. She seems intelligent and has a mysterious past but, she also wanders down into a seedy part of town making herself easy meat for baddies like the classic “dumb fem” stereotype that needs to be “rescued”  by the sexy male hero when she fails to fend them off herself. I think I am over the flip-flop between strong and weak in these types of stories. This book feels like a watered down version of the better done Federal Witch series by T.S. Paul. I will reserve judgment because it does have incredibly good bones, if they manage to stop thinking in sexual stereotypes (Why do writers do that?)


Next: Current K Drama goodness.


This series has been out for quite awhile but, I just found it. I am on episode 3. The interaction between characters is already pretty well done. I love when a series doesn’t focus on only one relationship in the program. The interactions and humor makes this one entertaining. I truly dislike the “fiance” of the one character and the “wife” of the other. Of course I am supposed to dislike them. I am not sure exactly how this romance is going to pan out with one character married. Hmmmm…. I will admit that I hope they flesh out the tailor story a bit more. I am very intrigued by the concept of a legacy business struggling and being rejuvenated by fresh infusion of ideas from the prodigal son returning to the family. I just like the old fashioned family feel of it.

Next: Pinterest art


I adore the idea of this. I want one, a lot. There is just something about wearing a piece of china or pottery around your neck that appeals to me. Especially love the idea that each piece is like a tiny piece of art that you wear. I could see myself compulsively collecting these necklaces like the raven that I am.

Next: Gravity Falls


How the hell have I missed this program? I am on episode 3 and plan to binge-watch my way through all of them on my days off. I cannot tell you the depth of my love for Mabel and Dipper. Mabel is the complete opposite to me but, I adore the stuffing out of that character. My favorite thing so far has got to be the puking Gnome. It spawned the comment “Don’t be a puking gnome” for my Facebook wall. People already anticipate my weirdness (in fact they troll my wall looking for it) so there were no raised eyebrows..much.

Next: Web Toons

Winter Woods. Is this the last Episode????? NOOOOOOOOOOOO…
Say it isn’t, I beg you. Winter ended the previous episode choosing to live for Jane. Zoe took him away and gave Roy to Jane. Oh…poor Roy. I was so sad that he lost his memory. I was glad to see Jane taking care of him and that he was re-wound and working again. He seems to remember Jane, on some level, as he calls her booger. I loved that bit.

In the last episode Winter returns to a Jane with longer hair (obviously much time has passed). My first reaction made me the focus of much bus attention as I shouted quite vigorously “He has eyebrows!”. What? Nothing to see here.

It ended perfectly. PERFECTLY.

Then, there is Miss Abbott and the Doctor. Finally returned from writer hiatus.

I love this Web Toon with soo much passion. The art is beautifully done and I cannot find one thing about the storyline that doesn’t delight the stuffing out of me.

The laughter and the smiles this current episode induced cannot be explained in mere words. Just check the images and you can get the idea for yourself. Ps. Squirrel hair is my absolute Kryptonite….(my favorite person and his squirrel hair were definitely on my mind when that image came up …..sigh)

And lastly,


I have no idea what this is from, or who the artist is but, I LOVE IT.