Preparing for Z

Z is coming to stay for the Summer! It’s been 2 years since we could afford to fly her in for a visit without disrupting her schooling, and I am soo ready to hug my baby. You have no idea!

To prepare for Z’s visit I moved all my things into the basement room. It’s bigger and I can lay a futon mattress on the floor for Z, while using my own bed off to the side. I set my Disney Mini’s on a bookshelf, along with, books and a few stuffed animals. The whole thing is completely perfect for touching and exploring. Though Z is 16, I felt having things she can fidget with will make her feel at home.

Today I got paid and was able to get some discounted coral storage baskets to keep Z’s things in (clothes and such) and I bought snacks for her to eat whenever she’s bored or wanting a treat without having to ask my sister for something. Though, I’m sure my sister wouldn’t mind, I remember how awkward it felt for me, when I was a kid, to ask for stuff to just snack on between meals. I hope she likes my selections.

I plan to buy a few adult coloring books for Z when I go out next, as well. Since I already have a pretty good supply of colored pencils and markers, I think this will be a cool way to spend any rainy days that happen.

My other plans include a visit to the art museum, library, mall and local theme park. Z might enjoy the park near my house too.

I sound uber nervous…

I haven’t been able to spend real quality time with Z outside Skype and I think I’m nervous because I want her to like me…

That sounds dorky, but, I love my daughter and sometimes I feel like we aren’t as close as I want us to be. I really want her to like

I’m her mom and I want her to like me…

(Hides embarrassed face)

Um…ok..that’s all.

(Face is soo red)