Getting pranked by my daughter

My daughter is a master at pranking me. I will not repeat the past evidence of such, beyond saying, that she has impeccable timing and an endless enjoyment of rehashing every excruciating moment.

This time I was caught in a total abandon moment of reliving Z’s childhood by singing along with a Silly Songs with Larry tune about his lost hairbrush (10 points if you can name the program). I was really belting it out with complete abandon. I glanced at Z to find her pointing her cell phone at me.

Utter terror.

I asked her tentatively and very delicately, if she was recording me.

The sly look in her eye did not bode well. I squeaked in horror and tried not to show fear..but she was already laughing hysterically. “I might have, I might not have” was the cheeky reply.

After pranking me for several moments she let me off the hook and admitted she had only pretended because of my reaction to seeing her holding her cell as she watched a youtube video.

“But thanks for the idea for next time.”