Recipe box

Z and I had some fun this evening perusing magazines and picking out recipes we would like added to our own special list of foods we’d like to learn to make.

Living with other people, you really don’t get much chance to cook as you like (maybe the random night if you cook for everyone) but, nothing ongoing.

I am looking forward, more and more, to cooking in my own place one day. I am learning to cook things, as the years go by, and I’ve gotten quite good at a few things. I think I’m ready to begin trying recipes.

The one area I’m a bit nervous about still, is the large raw meat cooking area. I’m always terrified I’ll not cook something all the way through. I’ve got cooking a turkey down (if you don’t count that time I forgot to remove the giblets bag from the turkey cavity) and cooking a ham down, but cooking a rack of lamb, pork shoulder or some other huge meat product (pork ribs, mutton, or something equally frightening) still terrifies me.

I do however, think I am ready for casseroles, brunches, and baking pies and such.

I might use one of my blogs for recipes for that someday time when I finally have my own place (crosses fingers).