Stuff I know way too much about

Twin Flames (Yes, I have one. No, I’ve never met him.)

Kundalini Awakening (Yes, I’ve had one. Yes, it was scary No, I didn’t die)

Psychic Intuitive (Yes)

Mystic Sages (Yes)

Dark Night of the Soul (Ouch…Yes)

Chakras (Mine all opened at the same time)

Auras (I see, seriously)

Yods (Yes, I have one. It’s a pain in the butt)

Astrology (Still learning)

Tarot (I use it to intuit)

Numerology (Been there, researched that)

Shadow-work (Work it baby, work it)

Light-work (The good guys)

Meditating (Ooommmm)

Indigo and Crystal children. (I am one, I have one)

I have no idea why I’m listing these, I’ve just been looking for insight into my path.