Writing Sample Portfolio

I’m putting together a portfolio of my writing. Blog posts, poetry, and selected chapters of my books-in-progress. I figured if I have to edit the Hamilton book, I might as well look over and spruce up some of my best pieces of writing at the same time.

I’m going to be saving up for a new laptop and possibly, a printer. I have a habit of editing my work best when I can physically hold it in my hands.

Hamilton is done, but he needs lots of TLC. I’m realizing I need some technical help. I’m pretty good with most aspects of grammar, my problems lie more in the area of sentence structure and paragraphing for dialog. I’m thinking a few self-help and guideline books are in order. Can’t get better without putting in foundation work, don’t ya know!

Anyway, those are my plans. I don’t go as fast as others, but I get there eventually. I think these days are all learning days. I wish I had more time to devote to just writing and researching my world creations. By the time I get home at night I’m usually too tired to sit at my desk. This is, of course, due to the 8 working hours and 4 hour travel time. It wears me out.

The only true time I have to work on my writing is on weekends. I took a break after finishing Hamilton, but it’s time to take the next step.