It’s kind of a dyslexic thing

I think only other dyslexic’s will get the humor in this but, I was contemplating the weird stuff you get use to with regard to seeing words and the funny tricks dyslexia causes sometimes.

Like, for instance, I once told my friend I collect men’s butts in a text (it was banter, just ignore the fact I actually said I collect bums ok) anyway, I meant to type “I have three so far” but as always, my dyslexic typing fingers wrote this instead “I have three so fart” I had to endure thirty fart joke minutes as a result.

This is something that happens as a result of pairing and association. My brain leaps ahead as I process and when I mention a word that it associates with another word (in this case butts and farting) my processing assumes that the word I am trying to process must be the word it associates with that conceptualization of thought. In this case, my brain assumed that because I was talking about butts, I must be typing a word associated with butts, thus me typing fart instead of far,  Word grouping is constant and I’ve grown so use to it that it really amused me, where once it caused extreme anxiety.

Then, there is the weird way my eyes always read “med coffee” instead of “med Coke” every single day at work at the quick dining location  where I worked for Disney. This is an example of word shaping. My mind also recognizes the actual shape of words. Like bubble and puddle. The shaping is, to my brain, extremely similar, even though, to someone else’s eyes, they look very different. In the case of my example, the small type on the screen made my eyes see a single f, which it interpreted as a K and only one E. Turning Coffee into Coke. See, I may not be able to turn water into wine, but I can apparently turn coffee into Coke.

Then there is my favorite dyslexic “thing” seeing the word weirdly, knowing the correct answer, but still kinda thinking the dyslexic word as you mentally consider the word. For example: Reading anything about the characters on the tv show Friends. Anytime I saw the name Chandler, I knew his name was Chandler…but in my head my dyslexic self would constantly think “Chandelier” even while knowing the “correct” word. It’s like a pairing of words. The right word, and a sort-of echo impulse word that you never actually say or write.

I wonder if any other dyslexic has ever kept track of their list of goofy double words. Or am I the only dyslexic this happens to?

My type of dyslexia involves the grouping of words and how my eyes slightly see or change words as my brain attempts to understand what it is seeing. It’s kind of like having your mind slide a word into place it thinks might be right, but is only guessing at. It took me many years of writing using a mirror and other techniques to overcome my dyslexia and I am very proud of my work. Enough that I have humor over the interesting things my brain comes up with when I am tired or not focusing all my attention on something.

Another thing my dyslexia does verbally, is change the word I am about to say to another word, or one similar to the word I am struggling to say, but with a different meaning. Always fun.

The one that my co-workers notice most, is when I speak to one person, and then start a conversation with a new person, but end up calling them by the previous person’s name.

Fun a parties.