Geek Girl Chronicles vol 2 July 9, 2017

With Z visiting until July 31st I haven’t been active as usual in games but, I have been reading and watching YouTube videos.


Z got me watching episodes of Steven Universe. I’m currently on Episode 28.

The other show I really like is Gravity Falls and I’m currently on season 2 episode 2. Between Steven Universe and Gravity Falls, I must admit, I like Gravity Falls more.


I completed Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection. I really, really love old detective stories. Miss Marple is another favorite detective. I finished her complete detective collection previous to this. I really want to read all of Agatha Christie’s works, but am not there yet.

I just finished the first books in two separate series.

The Curious Case of the Cursed Spectacles by Constance Barker, which I totally and completely adored. The story has the feel of the Warehouse 13 television show. If it had an origins book this would be a perfect fit for it. The second book isn’t out until later this month. I swear my Kindle Unlimited account pays for itself with how much I read.

The other new series is The Half-Assed Wizard by Gary Jonas. A completely different flavor from the other book I just mentioned, but it has a really great concept and style all its own. The main character is definitely going to change over time, I do so love a good character development. (This makes me wish they would come out with a new Chance Fortundo book by Ben Reeder, then my geek heart would be very happy indeed!)

K Drama:

I’m now on episode 23 of Laurel Tree Tailors. I didn’t realise when I began that the show had a huge episode run. A whopping 54 episodes. I better pace myself.

Web Toons:

Having to say goodbye to Winter Woods was mega hard. I miss them already. (Sniffle)

I am really enjoying the “My Dear Cold-blooded King” series. Yuuta makes me sweat with his long white hair. Seriouly, I’m too old for this “Padam Padam” stuff ok? I’m on ep. 19. The art for this one is completely gorgeous!

Ghosts Among the Wildflowers ep. 53

I totally heart “Plantboy” Cy. I love the “Star-Gazers” statues in the current episode. It reminds me of the one outside the airport in Orlando. Only they are plane-watching. I really like the idea though…totally stealing the idea of huge statues for one of my book ideas.

Yumi’s Cells ep. 221 All I can say, is that I have been on team Babi from the start. I never cared for Woong.

I Love Yoo ep. 15 I think this girl is my heart sister. She loves food and has a snarky side. I may not be as snarky as she is, but I’m pretty sure she’d amuse me if we were friends.

Miss Abbott and the Doctor ep. 46

I can’t help it, I don’t  like the benefactor. She snubbed Doctor Andreas upon first meeting him, and that I cannot forgive. Some things just cannot be done without me getting prissy. Snubbing my cartoon crush is one of them missy! I’m watching you.

Sirens Lament ep. 67

The fish is out of the bag! I cannot wait to see Shon’s reaction. This is gonna be good.

So, that’s me this week.

Geek work is hard work, but totally worth it.