Working at working

Sorry I’ve been absent so much. I’m working a 5 day stretch. I have Friday off though, really looking forward to it.

My Synastry research is totally amazing.

Sun Opposition Moon

Sun Opposition Venus

Sun Opposition Mars

Sun Trine Jupiter

Sun Sextile Neptune

Sun Sextile Chiron

Sun Opposition P of Fortune

Sun Trine Ascendant

Apparently I’m getting plenty of Sun. (Har har har)

Moon is even more interesting:

Moon Sextile Moon

Moon Sextile Venus

Moon Sextile Mars

Moon Trine Jupiter

Moon Sextile Neptune

Moon Conjunction Pluto

That’s what I’m working on so far.

Update: Apparently, Sun is your public face, Moon is your emotional secret self. I’m kinda happy to see the amount of positive aspects in Moon. It means true friendship and that matters quite a bit to me, given the Synastry is done with my favorite person as the other.

The negative aspects startle me somewhat, because they picked up on the areas I am working hardest to improve in myself. Interesting indeed.

Also, many of the hard aspects are positive in nature which, is kinda funny. Communication is definitely where I need a bit of work. I am quite prone to passionate outbursts without properly listening, especially in the area of criticisms. (I’m working on it!)

Some of the aspects made me blush like a tomato.

Some of them made me intensely startled and a bit wobbly in the knees. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I never expected that.