Losing track of time (in a good way).

Z is here again until Wed. I seem to lose track of time when she’s here. She and I just flow along.

We are both introverts so it might look strange to others, but we pretty much do our own thing, with occasional stops to show the other person our current vid/book/music status.

Z has the soundtrack for Hamilton memorized, which amuses me. She bonded with this totally “rad dude” in Spencers gifts over the music playing and sang the entire song list as it played throughout the store (I didn’t even know she had it memorized). I can’t call him anything but “rad dude” as it suits him. He was the clerk and his personal vibe was not like mine, but still honestly lovely. Z seemed to connect with him. Older generation meets younger. 🙂

Z is the pickiest eater on the planet. I had to take her to the store or she wouldn’t have eaten. It took me 2 days to figure that out during her previous visit a few weeks ago. She literally won’t tell you she’s only been eating chips and candy instead of food because she doesn’t like it. (I almost had a heart attack when I realized this)

I have to work and leave her here alone, but I made sure she has plenty to eat. Peaches, cheese sandwich, vegetables straws, and iced tea. Hey, whatever works!




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