Lasting Love is Like a Miracle

Falling in love with someone, at the same time as someone falls in love with you, must be like a miracle.

Think about it. There are so many hard things that stop you from being ready for love. Ambition, fear, confusion, and feelings of unworthiness, these are things people have to consciously overcome to find love.

I know what you might be thinking, falling in love is easy. Probably, the kind that tastes like chocolate, that kind has a short shelf-life. The real love work comes after the chocolate melts away and has been consumed. The lasting kind, the kind that feels like fate, takes a lot of preparation.

You have to work to be worthy of your own love first. We hate ourselves soo very easily. The happiest 3 days of my life will be, the day I had Z, the day I began loving me truly, and hopefully, the day I love someone at the same time he loves me.

I have thought I was in love many times, but, real love wants to do the work. Sometimes that work turns out to be the sort that was needed to help them love themselves, not you. See,  the best love has both people working, and sometimes, the person you love is too scarred to work as hard as you are. It hurts because you were all in, but they weren’t ready to love. You let yourself love them anyway, cause that’s the nature of love, but eventually your bit of help is over, and they have lessons only they can teach themselves. You walk away then, because that’s integrity. Sometimes loving yourself comes first. You realize they weren’t the forever love you needed, they were the forever lesson that you needed instead, to help you along your path to the love that’s waiting.

I’m waiting. For a miracle.