Holy Double Whammy Batman!


(Disclaimer: I am learning Synastry Astrology by using my chart alongside the chart of my favorite (well-known) person. I have never met him, probably never will, this is just for homework because I am lame and have no boyfriend/spouse to use.)

This Synastry is making my brain melt. I just learned a little bit about double whammy in a Synastry and am currently stupified. I looked it up because the homework synastry keeps flipping. Going from Trine going one way, to going Square the other way. I found this strange, so I looked into it. Now this is getting seriously……(I can’t even decide on the proper word to use here)

There are many, many, many double whammy’s here. Is the double Yod responsible for this??

Call me completely dumbfounded.

Here is what I have so far:

(I’m still not sure what counts and what doesn’t count as double whammy other than assuming it’s interaction between planets in some manner…please correct me if you know..do Inconjunct count? Does it apply to Midheaven and Ascendant?)

Sun Opposition Venus

Venus Inconjunct Sun

Sun Opposition Mars

Mars Trine Sun

Sun Trine Jupiter

Jupiter Inconjunct Sun

Sun Trine Neptune

Neptune Square Sun

Sun Sextile Chiron

Chiron Inconjunct Sun

Sun Trine Ascendent

Ascendent Square Sun

Moon Sextile Venus

Venus Inconjunct Moon

Moon Trine Jupiter

Jupiter Inconjunct Moon

Moon Sextile Neptune

Neptune Square Moon

Moon Opposition Chiron

Chiron Square Moon

Mercury Opposition Venus

Venus Inconjunct Mercury

Mercury Opposition Mars

Mars Trine Mercury

Mars Trine Uranus

Uranus Square Mars

Saturn Conjunction True Node

True Node Sextile Saturn

Neptune Opposition Midheaven

Midheaven Square Neptune




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