On another note:

I find my squares in Neptune slightly hilarious. Hilarious, because they are flipped in such a way that seems oddly fortunate.

See, were they aspected in the other direction (and given who my favorite person is) it would be a horrible catastrophe but, because it isn’t, it actually corrects the very issues the Square seems to signify, in some strange mystical way that the universe has seen fit to create.


Neptune Square Sun. The Neptune person being me, and Sun being (TMW5T) If it were aspected the opposite that it is, this could be a serious case of putting someone on a pedestal and having them try to live up to that image because they want to please the other person. Problem is, that there is no such thing as perfect, so this is a doomed to failure approach if Sun insists on seeing Neptune this way instead of as a human being. It would definitely be a problem given who my favorite person is, but, because Neptune is me and not my favorite person. This can easily be corrected as I am extremely happy with every single one of my flaws, and quite well aware of them. There is no way Sun is putting me in a pedestal…I’m way too clumsy and goofy to ever maintain that aspect. Lol

Here is the list of my Neptune’s:

(I’m on the left)

Neptune Square Sun

Neptune Square Mercury

Neptune Square Uranus

Neptune Square Pluto

(Seriously universe, you are kinda awesome)