I’d rather just take a nap

Last night I lit the Sage and Citrus candle (gift from Kazza Mazoo), along with a bunch of other candles (these not scented). I sat and considered my meditation nook.

It’s not a bad nook really. I has at least 30 rocks, a Naga Kanya statue, a jar of water for invoking all four elements (fire -candles, earth-rocks, water-jar and wind- provided by my fan.) I also have some prayer beads and a few of my rocks are wrapped in ribbon. It’s a lovely chaos of religion, philosophy, and nature. Just the way I like it.

I sat there and enjoyed the peace that stole over me bit-by-bit. I’ve been worrying too much again. Sometimes it’s just nice to think of nothing.

Lately, I have gotten sadder than usual. I haven’t remembered my dreams lately. I have them, but they disappear like mist as I wake up. It unsettles me.

It’s weird when tarot cards repeat the same messages. Really odd. Mine keep telling me to wait and be at peace. That a message is coming. Message? From who? Regarding what?

I’m really, really not good at sitting still…ask anyone. Sitting still is responsible for 98% of every hijink situation I ever got myself into. (Thinks for a moment) Yup..pretty much.

Sigh*** sorry I don’t have wisdom to share this time…just me, trying to be patient with fate. I’d be easier if I knew just WHAT I am waiting for. Fates kinda mum on this one. Little bastard.