Daily post: August 4th

Ok, soo you might recall the horrible mistake I made in relation to a certain V-8 healthy greens drink I thought I’d try about a year ago. The memory of the taste still gives me nightmares. I have just tried something worse. Elevation bars by Millville. The box should have warned me. It claims it is Non-GMO, Gluten free, Low Sodium AND Vegan. Dammit. I was in too big a hurry and saw the tantalizing “Apple Pie” flavor on the label and decided it was a kind of cool looking granola bar. It isn’t. 

Now, let’s be honest. Eating healthy should be something bigger in my world. I am 109% sure I have friends who love these things. The same friends who love V-8 Greens juice. I however, am not that kind of girl. Sorry…I don’t like trail mix, seeds, or nuts. I’m a total healthnut disappointment. I admit it freely.

My problem is that I am a girl raised by really good cooks. Like the best tasting foods on the F-ing planet!! The kind of cooks who don’t do “butterless” ok!

I have the best memories of my step-mum, Joann cooking with me sitting nearby happy to taste-test for her. She was an amazing cook!! She once cooked every single item in a cookbook for fun. That was the best summer ever!!! The memory of the Eggrolls she made are still, to this day,  among my top 3 favorite food memories of all time. (The other two are Beer-battered onion rings and Blue-cheese stuffed mushrooms)

Anyway, I took a few bites and decided it isn’t for me. The consistency was scary. Moist but somehow still resembling the taste of sawdust and way too dense. The lack of sugar wasn’t the problem so much as, way too obviously overcompensated by apple and nuts. I’m not a fan of nuts. My fault, should have read the box better. Anyone want the other 4 bars?

I’m watching a new K drama. It’s called Heart to heart and it’s very different from the usual K drama style. It’s really clever. One thing though, I am 100% certain I would have punched the main character in the stomach at least 10 times by the end of the first two episodes. 

I seriously admire the female main characters restraint. I am much too vocal. I grew up with 6 brothers and 4 sister’s. There is no such thing as putting up with anyone’s crap in my DNA. If I had been more docile I would never have gotten to eat any pizza or dessert growing up. For real!

 If anyone had tried to drag me around the way the male main character does the female main character they would have stubs for arms by now. I fondly recall giving one of the Ransom brothers a black eye once. (Don’t feel too bad he totally fucking deserved it)

I am pretty sure if you ask my sister’s they were all slightly scared of me when I was younger. Sarcasm and fists, pretty much a good depiction of me.

Anyway, that’s pretty much my day. Oh, and I totally bought a new bed pillow. It’s like laying my head on a cloud. Woot!