Deconstructing Double Yod in Composite part 1

Now, I find my double Yod with my favorite person extremely interesting. Even more interesting than my single Yod on my own chart. 

This thing is dynamic!

Yod #1

Fulcrum planet is actually both Sun in Scorpio in the 5th house and Mercury in Scorpio also in the 5th house. (Two for the price of one)

Sun in Scorpio shows deep intimacy. It’s a deeply passionate association or friendship. In the 5th house this makes for a dynamic coupling. They are well liked, have a large circle of acquaintances and really really, like one another’s company on a soul level. Like the best friend that knows your inner demons and faults but still likes you 100%. 

Mercury in Scorpio in the 5th house adds an amazing healing power into the mix. They can literally heal each other emotionally from past scars and hang-ups. There is a lot of emotional vulnerability here. Mercury in the 5th adds lighter tones of laughter, creativity, and romance. They use words to entertain and flirt with one another. They really like hanging out with each other and plotting and planning things creatively. 

Now for the foundation of the base. 

Midheaven in Aries 10th house. Um…dude! This is the placement of a couple that is well known to the public and somewhat famous for their work together. Given who my favorite person is this freaks me out a teensy bit (not gonna lie). This placement indicates a career that can really go places as a partnership. Confident and optimistic Aries in this placement is gently tempered with a natural shyness that turns to something kinda special in the spotlight. It’s like they bring out the best in each other creatively. 

The other leg is Mars in Gemini in the 11th house. This is the house of friendships. This house is characterized by meaning and significance. This house loves activists. They thrive at finding the unorthodox, quirky, and unconventional solutions nobody else considered. Due to Gemini they can flounder if not engaged in a current project, but because Gemini hates to be bored, once they do get an idea they can be a force to be reckoned with. There is just no stopping them. They work really well in partnership and in a group in which they are the leaders. Imaginative and creative they are never bored. They thrive on change, activity and really love to learn and try new things. 

So, yeah…I’m a bit wishing this could happen. Creatively my heart would be very very excited. The activist aspect makes me even more wishful.

Ok, onto part 2 with the second Yod!