Deconstructing Double Yod in Composite Part 2

Yod #2

The fulcrum of this Yod also has 2 aspects. Venus in Taurus 10th house and Saturn in Taurus 10th house. 

Venus in Taurus needs to stimulate all their 5 senses. They have a strong sense of commitment and purpose. They honor each other with respect and display friendship using small luxuries. Practical and serious partnership. This is a good place for partnership in a career. They want to create something lasting.

Saturn in Taurus 10th house is an Understanding relationship. Deep and lasting, but with quite a lot of hard lessons faced together. Basically, they face their shadows together and work towards learning to enjoy life and softness without an in-borne fear of never having enough or being enough. 

These two help each other find balance between work and play. Outer and inner success.

The base legs are North Node in Virgo 3rd House and Neptune in Taurus 10th house. 

North Node in 3rd is a perfect placement for an intelligent partnership. They have a need to make their visions real in a practical manner and to provide service to others in a practical ways. Finding a sense of balance is very important. 

North Node in Virgo is a path of healing and service. Writing and poetry is found here as a common placement career. The Spiritual journey is perfectly aligned with daily life in this placement. There is a definite challenge to tame restlessness. 

Neptune in Scorpio 5th house

A feeling of a soul connection. Creative and inspired. 5th house is the house of self-expression. A true placement for loving the arts. Either by creating or appreciation. This placement is artistic. A love of writing, poetry, music and scenery plays an important part. 

This couple gives one another freedom in partnership. 
In conclusion: 

This double Yod indicates a working or romantic partnership which is deeply emotional and intimate. A connection in which writing, art, poetry or some other creative endeavour features strongly. It can be used to advocate and bring attention to something spiritual, emotional, or intellectual to create a lasting legacy. 

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