Story Plot Idea.

Story plot idea:

 An entire planet with a finite amount of living bodies. The souls are raising babies, which are the only members of their society with actual physical form. The souls main focus is to raise up the children, so they can leave the planet, once they are adult. Then the remaining souls will die along with their dying planet, but their people live on in the form of these children whom they value and raise up so carefully to be good people. The births are structured so that every 10 years new babies leave the planet as grown adults, and the babies born after them are born from the dying souls of those remaining.

Each milestone and special moment is celebrated and written down. They strive to raise the children well and are committed to well-rounded children, who can think, feel, and independently survive on their own. They are not pampered or given whatever they want, because they will one day need to survive on their own. They are raised with loving parents who carefully educate rhem, raising them as a village instead of having a singular parental pair. This way every soul has the opportunity to be parents before they die, no one is excluded.  Every 10 Yeats the population is reduced as that group of grown children move off-planet and new babies are born. These dying souls also have their memories recorded and celebrated, so none are forgotten.

One of the drawbacks to their society’s future, is that the children will have to structure their deaths so that, as they die in future, the next children are being born. As a means of preserving the precious soul inside them. 

I am trying to imagine what kind of challenges such a lifestyle would create. Like, for example, how parentals might have to wait, just to have a baby. Or how someone must suffer pain of not being able to die until a baby can be born, so that they can ensure a baby is born and that the soul is not wasted. What kind of special traditions and cultural habits would such limits create in their society over time?